Friday, 5 July 2013

New home

A lot has been happening the past weeks, which has meant that I put the blog on hold. But now there is more routine in our life so I'll be writing regularly again. I have several draft posts of things I want to write about and will gradually put them up when they are complete.

So we've finally moved in to our new apartment, thanks to help from A, R and B. The kitchen is in order and after D's help last week-end the hallway looks lovely :-) We are still missing a lot of wardrobe space and need to go to IKEA. so we still have plenty of boxes all over the place. Neither do we have a sofa so we (I) are using a mattress on the floor...which is very uncomfortable. I am trying to convince Matte that buying a purple sofa is a great idea...;-)

We spent the midsummer holiday with both Matte's and my parents at Matte's parent's summer place in the middle of the woods It was very nice, with plenty of good food and laughter. It is definitely a lovely place to relax. Here's a picture I borrowed (stole) from A of the garden:

We had just spent a night in a new apartment, before we had our first guest. Our friend J, who's doing his PhD in the US, was visiting Stockholm so we didn't want to miss an opportunity to meet him before he made his way to other places. It was lovely meeting up. He and Matte was soon in deep discussion in which I could, unfortunately, only partly follow. He lent out a book by Bryan Magee called "Confessions of a Philosopher" which I'm enjoying a lot, even with my limited knowledge of philosophy. I, of course, followed J's advise and watched a Youtube video Magee, and am enjoying reading the book and hearing his British accent in my head :)

And a final picture of what I saw on my walk around where I live :)

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