Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Natalie, Tasha & Jay story

When my sister and I were little, our aunt, Jay, would sometimes bless us with her famous Natalie,Tasha and Jay stories.  I therefore want to dedicate this story to her and her husband who got married 2 weeks ago.

Natalie Tasha and Jay were sitting in the living-room with nothing to do. Natalie had just finished a really great book and was in her post-read depression. Jay had just finished her music video and was uploading it online. It was taking forever and she was busy staring at the loading bar which did not seem to move. Tasha had eaten sweets and not had her daily exercise so she was in hyper mode and was doing hand-stands against the wall.
"I'm bored!" Natalie complains.
"Me too!" says Tasha, slightly muffled as her T-shirt has fallen down over her head.
Jay sighs, but then brightens up.
"I know! Let’s use the magic wand!"
She proceeds to fish out the wand she had tucked away in a hidden draw.
"Yes!" exclaims both Natalie and Tasha.

"Abracadabra bouncy ball
Make us very, very small!"

With a burst of light and music that sounded like "sparkle sparkle" Natalie, Tasha and Jay had become tiny and were standing on the edge of the computer desk looking up at the giant computer screen in front of them.
"Oh, let's explore!" exclaims Tasha, always ready for an adventure.
"Let's try and get in to the computer" says Natalie, the tech-nerd part of her lighting up.

Jay takes the lead and all three of them start approaching the screen. As they got closer they see there is a crack on the underside of screen. Both Natalie and Tasha look at Jay, who suddenly looks embarrassed.
"It was an accident!" she exclaims defensively. When they keep on looking at her she sighs.
"I was practicing my belly-dancing, and got a bit over-enthusiastic and knocked the screen off the table"
Tasha sniggers. Being the one who usually breaks things, it was a relief not to be that person for once.
"Well, at least we can get in now" says Natalie, diplomatically.
They look up to the hole. It looked dark with random bursts of flashing colourful lights
"As it's my computer, I get to go in first" Jay clambers in and then helps Natalie. Tasha proceeds to do a mega ultra back-flip with extra spin and lands neatly next to Natalie, who is huffing from the effort of clambering in.

They gasp at what they see. In front of them is a huge field with what seems likes grass growing on it. The sky is black as coffee (without milk) but would suddenly be lit up with sparks that looked like fireworks.
"What is this place?" Tasha wonders.
"It shouldn't look like this", says Natalie, the know-it-all. "There should be wires and stuff"
"It's probably because my computer is special" Jay decided. "Let’s explore."
As they always did what Jay said, they started walking. The grass-like substance rustled while they moved through it, but they couldn't feel any wind. After closer examination, the substance looked like electrified seaweed and would send sparks whenever they moved. As they couldn't work out what else it would do they carried on.

They suddenly noticed something moving in the distance. While they watched, it got bigger and bigger and they could finally make out it was a train. It stopped just before their feet so Natalie, Tasha and Jay, who are all curious by nature, walk forward to examine it.
"It made of paper-maché!" exclaims Natalie.
"The whole train is made of it!" Said Tasha, who had had time to run around all the wagons
"Shall we make a tear to see what’s inside?" suggests Tasha. Both Natalie and Jay look uncomfortable. For some reason it felt very wrong, although they couldn't understand why.
"Ok," Jay finally says and reaches forward to make a tear

"Stop it!"

All three of them turn around hastily looking very guilty.
In front of them is a very strange sight. It looked like a centaur, except on his head there were a pair of huge moose horns. The man part of the creature was wearing a tight t-shirt with two giant M's entwined together. He looked very upset.
"We're sorry" apologizes Jay, "We just wanted to know what was inside.
"There nothing in it! It's my train and you shouldn't go around destroying other person’s things"
"Who are you?" says Tasha, feeling that the most important question was not being answered fast enough.
"I am..."
The creature proceeds to strike a super-hero pose.
All three of them try to stifle a giggle but fail miserably. Natalie manages to recover first.
"S..s..sorry! So what is your super-hero power then?"
"I can run faster than light!" he answered haughtily, feeling a bit hurt from the laughter.

"That's impossible!" exclaims Natalie, who had read all about physics laws and always believed everything in her books.
"I'll show you! Jump on to my back!" he retorts!
Natalie looks sceptical, but Tasha, who loved riding, did a running jump and landed smoothly on his back.
"Giddy-up" she shouts excitedly. Both he and Tasha suddenly vanish.
Jay and Natalie look worried at each other. Tasha is the baby of the three and it wouldn't do if they suddenly lost her. That she was in her twenties didn't matter, they still felt responsible for her. They didn't have to worry for long though. Both Tasha and Moussa-Man reappeared right in front of them.
"Wow! That was awesome!" Says Tasha, sliding off.
"Where did you go?"
"I had some errands I had to finish, I was delivering a package to a satellite half way to Pluto."
This impressed both Jay and Natalie and they both wanted a ride. They took turns, but both Natalie and Tasha noticed that Moussa-Man took Jay on a longer ride. When they returned, they were both smiling and chatting away
"Where did you go?" Tasha asked, slyly with a huge grin on her face.
" a beach...and watched the sunset" Jay mumbles.
"Oh really?" says Natalie, trying to raise one of her eyebrows.
"Yes, and he got me manti."
"How nice, I think we should go back home now," said Natalie, seeing where this was leading.
"You should come and visit" says Jay too Moussa-Man.
"I would love that!" said Moussa-Man, staring deeply into Jays eyes. Both Natalie and Tasha start pulling at Jay and head towards the exit.

As they clamber down the hole again, we can hear Jay saying
"Don't you think he had very nice antlers?"
Needless to say, Kevin- oh, I mean Moussa-Man, did come and visit.


  1. Well that was a surprise ending Nat. Very good

  2. Love the story <3 Want more! /Annica Selin