Sunday, 23 November 2014

Mac - Likes and Dislikes

I am slowly trying to get used to Apple. The new work computer is a Macbook so for the past week I've been trying to get the hang of how things work and all the shortcuts. My approach has been to use the computer as much as possible in the most usual everyday activities, like writing, surfing and coding.

So far these are my major likes and dislikes with the Mac.


  1. Where is the "Delete" button? Instead I have to solve this with different shortcuts depending if I want to delete text or files (Why?). I never realised how much I use this button until I switched. Thankfully, this button is available on the external keyboard.
  2. One button approach. Even if it's possible to right-click by clicking with two fingers or in the bottom corner, it feels awkward and is easy to miss-click.
  3. The zoom button. What a waste of a button. You can never know what it will do as it is inconsistent, sometimes just randomly resizing the window, and sometimes actually maximising the window.


  1. Multi-finger swiping. I am not a fan of the touchpad and the mouse is still my favourite orientation tool, but the multi-finger swiping makes the touchpad bearable.
  2. Program installation. The programs that I use have all been available for Mac and the ease of installing the programs surprised me. It's super straight forward with minimum hassle.
  3. The fast start. Being able to just open up the laptop and start working straight away is something that I can really appreciate.

All in all, the Mac is something that I can get used to, but the PC will still be my go to computer of choice. Why you may ask? Well... gaming is so much better on a PC!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Balloons from Outer Space!

It's been a while since a week-end has been so focused on gaming. Apart from playing Minecraft, Civilization IV and V, I've been busy helping Matte with getting his latest game ready for release. Matte is back to working full-time at Adtoox, but it does not mean that he has stopped with his game development. The latest game in the pipeline has been "Balloons from Outer Space" and our (mainly his) hard work has paid off! The game is now available at Google Play. For all you who are lucky enough to own an Android device you can download the free mobile game here.

For all of you others, it's possible to play the web-based version of the game below:
If the embedded link above does not work, you can go directly to the game through here.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Information is Power

In June I was elected as workplace representative for the office and have loved every minute of it.
It is one of the things, apart from my colleagues and projects, that I'm going to miss the most. 

My current workplace is covered by a collective agreement and one of the benefits because of that is that the employees have the right to elect a representative and they chose me. As a representative I got to present to the employer what the employees want and I also have had the right to recieve all information concerning changes to the organisation, changes to the workplace and how the company is going. Shortly, it's meant that I could ask questions and expect answers to most of them which is awesome! I get to be 5 again and ask "why?" "why?" until I annoy everyone. But jokes aside, it does come with an amazing right to actually know what is happening. In a world where a lot of companies make money from selling knowledge it is a rare treat to be able to experience knowledge freely.

For those who do not know the Swedish employment system, the workers union is a very strong force in the politics of workers rights. There is very few laws in Sweden that governs employment rights and instead a lot more power is giver to the unions and their collective agreements. In most cases this has been for the better as the common collective agreements in Sweden are much better for the workers than most law regulation in the rest of Europe.

Of course there is also downside to this set up. Not all companies in Sweden have a collective agreement in place. The latest numbers I could find was 88% of the Swedish workforce is covered by the agreements. This means that 12% risk getting contracts which do not cover rights such as minimum wage, wage development and pensions.

I have also been responsible for making sure that the right information is gathered and sent out to everyone. This has meant both a lot of emails but more importantly, actually talking with as many as possible at the office. During my time as a representative I have actually had an excuse to go up to everyone and just ask them "What do you feel is important here?". It really has given me insight of what make a workplace really work and how different opinions people can have.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Comic Con Gamex - Awesome Day!

With an estimate of over 30 000 visitors to Comic Con Gamex, where about 5% are dressed up in some way or another, multi-player games being played on huge screens and artists showing off their latest creations, there was always something to look at while we wandered around the fair/convention. Some of the things that were going on just today:

  • Star-Wars Parade
  • BattleField 4
  • Lecture on "How to survive a zombie apocalypse"
  • Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Lecture on "Introduction to Cosplay"
  • Assasins Creed - Rogue
  • Lecture on "How to build your own R2D2"
For those who do not know what Gamex is, it is an annual game fair that is held in Stockholm. This year they have joined forces with the comic books and film industry and called it Comic Con Gamex. Just walking around and seeing just how big this community is and what awesome things people do was great fun!

Not being a good photographer, but still wanting to show you some of the creations, here are some pictures of the ones I dared to ask to photograph:)

Comic Con Cosplay

Comic Con Cosplay

Comic Con Cosplay

Comic Con Cosplay

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Blog Stats - what's up with the antlers?

So I have had my blog for some time and, being a Data Analyst, the most fascinating aspect of having a blog is the data it generates.

So as I'm sure all of you are as interested in stats as I am I thought I would share some of statistics.

First of all, I like see how people actually find my blog. Do they come through Facebook? Google? Other? I want to identify the channels that are mainly generating hits to my blog. I added my blog to Google Analytics in August 2013 so it is now possible for me to see how it has developed over time.

The sources are divided in to 4 main groups;
  • Organic Search - Googling, Binging and the like
  • Referral - Links from other websites not classed as Social
  • Direct - Direct links the blog or links that are not tagged
  • Social - Links from Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
So looking at the statistics, it shows that Organic Search has slowly increased over time.

This is also understandable as when there is more content on the blog, there is more that can be searched. I was expecting to see some sort of delay effect in the Organic Search as it takes a while before Google actually properly indexes pages but it is not visible The top deliverers over time has, of course, been the Social channel as I have mainly used this channel to get my blog out on the wide web.

The next thing I wanted to check was what keywords is my blog showing up on searches? Well below you can see the top 30:

I especially like the "moose antlers". Not really sure why that is so popular. *J and K, I'm looking at you!*

Finally it's quite interesting to see where in the world people are coming from when visiting my blog

I must say I am disappointed that there are none in Greenland who are interested in my blog.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Nature, Y U so Freaky?

So the other day, Matte showed me something that he described as freaky. He showed me this video:

The video is of two slugs mating. Now I can only think of one word that describes it. Disgusting.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Alumni Mingle

On Tuesday I will be going to LiU's yearly alumni mingle together with Matte. I went last year and got to see the dancing robots which LiU's first year computer students get to program (so cute!).

Picture from LiU Alumni Facebook Page
Picture from LiU Alumni Blog
The students get to program these robots to play football to get a practical understanding of how their programming becomes reality. The presenters were two students, one studying Computer Science and the other studying Cognitive Science. Hearing these two speak together was very interesting as they were talking about the same subject from different perspectives.

This year's presentation is going to be about "Myths about career" and I'm really looking forward to this as it being a great opportunity to meet new people, hear where they have ended up and their challenges along the way.

After last years mingle I wrote a blog post about my current job and it was fun going back reading what I wrote back then. The blog post only had a link and not the actual picture so here is the picture now as Halloween draws closer. I want to also take a moment to say, once again, that Snider's drawings are great and if you have a moment to look through his blog you will not be disappointed!
Grant Snider -Axes of Evil
By Grant Snider - Incidental Comics