Saturday, 28 February 2015

Lab Escape - Behind the Scenes

Lab Escape is finally out on Google Play and you can get it here. So now I'm going to take you behind the scenes, to the actual making of this  puzzle game.

Matte has been working hard on Lab Escape and I've given up hope on ever getting back my dining room table.

But it hasn't all been about Red Bull drinking and drawing on post-its. For those who don't know about app development, one of the most important things to get is user testers. And not just one tester, you need loads. The Beta Testers in the Beta Tester Group have been awesome with giving step-by-step game-play data and feedback about bugs and features. But Matte is greedy and has wanted more. This means that in every social gathering I've been to with him for the past two months, sooner or later he will have handed over his phone to someone.

People react differently at this point. Some will greedily take the phone and start playing. Others will look sceptically and take it out of politeness not sure what they should expect. Now comes the interesting part. Whether polite or excited, each person gets a more and more focused as they start trying to solve each level of the game. The little sound of a completed level makes them lift the corner of their mouths and after they've played as long as they want, they hand back the phone with a smile.

These moments are what spurs Matte onwards. Being able to see that what he's created intrigues people makes him add that extra effort. It's why he carefully watches each person's play and listen to their thoughts and feedback. He's got a notebook filled with scribbles like "switch places between a and b" and "make sure to teach the player ...". He spends his time watching tutorials. He doesn't want to just make a game. He wants to learn how to make a good game!

Lab Escape - Mattias Selin
Lab Escape is available on Google Play 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Morning Maths - or - Finding the nerdy side of Covet Fashion

My friend D spent the week-end with me and we had a wonderful time having the most girliest week-end ever with baking Nutella-bread, watching "Gift vid första ögon kastet" (Married at first sight) and playing Mortal Kombat X

During the week-end D had also introduced me to a game called Covet Fashion and on Monday morning she came to the breakfast table with a thoughtful look on her face and asked the question

"How many votes on average does my look get per event?"

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Search All of Facebook!

Yes! It's finally happened! So, a year and half ago I wrote a post about Facebook's then recently released "Graph Search" where it was possible to do searches like
  • Language spoken by my friends
  • People who are not my friends and are relatives of my relatives
  • Friends of my friends that are male and single
They had complemented this with the search engine Bing to cover for any searches that resulted in no results.

But this has now had a major overhaul! Bing results has finally been removed (unfortunately not the terrible translations done by them) and - best of all - they have added the possibility to search Facebook posts!

facebook bing translation

At the moment it is unclear in what type of order they come as it's mixed both post by friends and posts that are public and not in any chronological order. Most probably it's doing some internal ranking but it will be interesting to know what it is based on. The search is straight up looking for whatever.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Mac - Likes and Dislikes

I am slowly trying to get used to Apple. The new work computer is a Macbook so for the past week I've been trying to get the hang of how things work and all the shortcuts. My approach has been to use the computer as much as possible in the most usual everyday activities, like writing, surfing and coding.

So far these are my major likes and dislikes with the Mac.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Balloons from Outer Space!

It's been a while since a week-end has been so focused on gaming. Apart from playing Minecraft, Civilization IV and V, I've been busy helping Matte with getting his latest game ready for release. Matte is back to working full-time at Adtoox, but it does not mean that he has stopped with his game development. The latest game in the pipeline has been "Balloons from Outer Space" and our (mainly his) hard work has paid off! The game is now available at Google Play. For all you who are lucky enough to own an Android device you can download the free mobile game here.

For all of you others, it's possible to play the web-based version of the game below:

Monday, 10 November 2014

Information is Power

In June I was elected as workplace representative for the office and have loved every minute of it.
It is one of the things, apart from my colleagues and projects, that I'm going to miss the most. 

My current workplace is covered by a collective agreement and one of the benefits because of that is that the employees have the right to elect a representative and they chose me. As a representative I got to present to the employer what the employees want and I also have had the right to recieve all information concerning changes to the organisation, changes to the workplace and how the company is going. Shortly, it's meant that I could ask questions and expect answers to most of them which is awesome! I get to be 5 again and ask "why?" "why?" until I annoy everyone. But jokes aside, it does come with an amazing right to actually know what is happening. In a world where a lot of companies make money from selling knowledge it is a rare treat to be able to experience knowledge freely.

For those who do not know the Swedish employment system, the workers union is a very strong force in the politics of workers rights. There is very few laws in Sweden that governs employment rights and instead a lot more power is giver to the unions and their collective agreements. In most cases this has been for the better as the common collective agreements in Sweden are much better for the workers than most law regulation in the rest of Europe.

Of course there is also downside to this set up. Not all companies in Sweden have a collective agreement in place. The latest numbers I could find was 88% of the Swedish workforce is covered by the agreements. This means that 12% risk getting contracts which do not cover rights such as minimum wage, wage development and pensions.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Comic Con Gamex - Awesome Day!

With an estimate of over 30 000 visitors to Comic Con Gamex, where about 5% are dressed up in some way or another, multi-player games being played on huge screens and artists showing off their latest creations, there was always something to look at while we wandered around the fair/convention. Some of the things that were going on just today:

  • Star-Wars Parade
  • BattleField 4
  • Lecture on "How to survive a zombie apocalypse"
  • Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Lecture on "Introduction to Cosplay"
  • Assasins Creed - Rogue
  • Lecture on "How to build your own R2D2"
For those who do not know what Gamex is, it is an annual game fair that is held in Stockholm. This year they have joined forces with the comic books and film industry and called it Comic Con Gamex. Just walking around and seeing just how big this community is and what awesome things people do was great fun!

Not being a good photographer, but still wanting to show you some of the creations, here are some pictures of the ones I dared to ask to photograph:)

Comic Con Cosplay

Comic Con Cosplay

Comic Con Cosplay

Comic Con Cosplay